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Choosing the right outsourcing partner for your or your clients SEO campaigns can be a daunting effort. To the untrained eye even the simplest SEO best practices can seem difficult and hard to put it into practice. Without expert advice and guidance you might even try and do the SEO work yourself, after some research, and do more than harm than good. There have been countless stories of websites being penalized and even thrown off Google because an unaware business owner decided to take SEO into his own hands. Despite what the guides online tell you, it can be a complex business – especially if you want to get the best results from it.

It goes without saying that, for most businesses, especially the ones that don’t utilize paid traffic and advertising, that organic traffic is their ‘lifeblood.’ It provides the steady flow of visitors and revenue that keep cash flow positive, keep staff paid and keep the business running. SEO, in this case, is absolutely essential. So why not let experts do it?

Here are the main reasons you need experts with professional SEO strategy:

    Hiring a professional SEO outsourcing service to create a tailor-made strategy for you is the best way to begin. Ensuring everything is perfectly set up and maintained from the off will make it much easier to put any issues right in the future.
    Using a reputable SEO service means you are utilizing only the most current, cutting-edge best practices that will not get your penalized in the future. Knowing this in invaluable, for peace of mind and long-term results. You don’t want to hire a unproven SEO firm only to find your website banned from Google in a few months!

Your job as a business owner or director is to see the big picture. You need to be focused on systems and on generating revenue, not on detailed SEO practices that will take up a lot of your time. As an effective business owner you need to know when to delegate time-consuming aspects of your business so you can focus on the overall strategy. Outsourcing your SEO campaigns to a professional, proven SEO service will go a long way to improving your traffic flow and conversions, so you can concentrate on growing your business even more.

Paying for a proven SEO strategy that has been created for your business is the best way to guarantee results.

Finding a Affordable but professional SEO outsourcing company can be tough. It’s a big and complex industry but the quality of service can vary wildly, so you have to be careful. It’s also a daunting prospect having to bring someone new into your business, working on something you may not entirely understand. It goes without saying that it has be someone that you can trust.

Follow the simple guidelines below to make sure you choose your SEO outsourcing company wisely:

    Before you outsource your SEO project to a SEO company you need to make sure they have a proven track record. By this we mean provable, objective evidence of previous rankings achieved and revenue gained for a variety of businesses. They should also be able to provide references if you require them, in order to check up on their claims. Don’t hire any SEO professional who is reluctant to share reference details or cannot prove their track record with solid figures.
    Closely behind actual experience in the field is the need for your potential SEO consultant to have deep knowledge of the subject. This means knowing all of the technical bits, such as the structure of your site, the on-page optimization best practices, and the off-page practices such as building links and close relationships with other influential sites that will be mutually beneficial in the long run. A broad knowledge over all three layers of serious SEO is a big advantage for consultants you might be considering hiring, especially as you will have to part with your hard-earned cash.
    SEO terms and practices can appear complex to someone who has no experience in the field so it is essential that your proven SEO consultant is able to communicate potentially difficult concepts easily. They must also be able to report on what they find and what they intend to do, so you can keep an eye on the key changes that they make and the subsequent results.
    They might be the consultant but it’s your business. As this is the case you must make it clear from the off what you expect them to do, whether that is raising your ranking on Google or increase your on-page traffic/conversation stats. Before you hire  SEO consultants become family with basic SEO analytics and be ready with a checklist of things you want them to achieve.Combine these 4 steps next time you want to hire an SEO outsourcing company and make sure you are getting the most for your money.

The Pros And Cons Of Outsourcing SEO

Having a great website up and running will not guarantee success. One of the biggest factors of how much of an impact your website as on your target market is how easily it can be found. Apart from paid advertising, most of your visitors will come from organic traffic. The only way to get a steady stream of free, ongoing organic traffic is through Content Centric SEO. So what do you do when it’s time to start planning your SEO strategy? Do you hire someone to work for you exclusively, or do you outsource the whole thing to some remote company? In this article, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of outsourcing your SEO work.

Cheaper than hiring someone full-time to look after your SEO strategy and maintenance. You’re going to have to pay their wage whether there is much work to do or not, which can become a financial drain.
By placing the whole responsibility for results on one person, you are piling the pressure on. Because that person is working alone and may be the only one with enough knowledge to know what they are doing, you may get disappointing results if one thing goes wrong.

When you outsource your SEO work to a virtual firm you literally have no idea who is working for you. Sending your entire search strategy to a company overseas that are cheap but with no proven record may lead to your website being penalized down the line for less-than-ethical SEO practices. You generally get what you pay for with these types of service so if you are intent on sending your SEO to an inexpensive place such as India be ready to put a few things right when the project ends.
When you outsource the people you are working with are generally not working for you exclusively. That can lead to time between something being agreed and being acted on, which can affect your overall SEO strategy and annual goals. Especially at one of the cheap virtual companies in places such as India and the Philippines, there is not guarantee that work will be done on time or perfectly to order, due to things being lost in translation.

Deciding whether to outsource your SEO work or not is a big decision. Research and check companies that you are considering hiring and make sure they are reputable, with a proven track record.

Manohar Bisht is the founder and chief content editor for Social SEO Team. He has been involved in execution of marketing campaigns for Small Businesses as well as large enterprises for last 7 years. He founded Social SEO Team to help small businesses avail high quality SEO and Link Building Services for their businesses without having to worry about shedding thousands of dollars.

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