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Health And Fitness Niche

VESTIGE sells products related to health, fitness and diet

In late 2016, it was severely affected by the Penguin 4.0 algorithm that resulted it website droping in the ranking drastically for almost every keyword. 

After implementing our SEO and Link building strategy, the site now gets more than 90,000 monthly visitors from Google and Bing.


The website had lots of spam links pointing to it over a longe period of time, and the content on the website was also very low quality due to which it was severely penalized by google. Our challenge was to recover the ranking of keywords on Google and Bing.


We comprehensively analyzed the websites link profile to find all the bad links pointing to it. After that, we removed all the bad links which we could and disavowed the rest.

  • After completing the cleanup, we rebuild the content of the website.
  • We create a high-quality link building campaign through blogging and outreach to rebuild the website's authority.


The site now ranks on Google's top three listing on the first page with more than 200 keywords, which brings in 90,000 visitors to the website every month from Google and Bing. The ranking of the website for the majority of keywords was recovered after 4-6 months of campaigning and continues to improve over time.

Detailed SEO Case Study: How We Did it

Case Study of SEO and link building campaigns created by our SEO Experts.

This client came to us for the first time in October 2016 after being severely hit by a Penguin 4.0 penalty, due to a long history in creating spam links and with over-optimized anchor texts, and low quality content on the website.

Here's what our SEO Experts did to bring the website to page one of Google and Bing

  • We went through the website, removed all the low-quality content.
  • We rewrote and made the content 100% unique for the salvageable pages.
  • We optimize every page of the website.
  • Improve the site structure and internal linking.
  • Created a blog page, and wrote 250 high-quality long-form articles in 3 months.
  • We created a high-quality link building campaign. The website now has 5000+ authority niche relevant backlinks pointing to it.

This website sells health fitness products, cookbooks of dietary cuisine, as well as guides, so they need to have the right presence in search engine results. We achieved this in six months by creating a high-quality on-page and off-page SEO campaign.

We also used our content marketing strategies, to generate interest from bloggers of influences in the health and fitness sector and thus naturally build large number of backlinks pointing to each of the posts on the website, which lead to gradually boosting the overall authority of the website and therefore improving the authority of each of the pages of articles thus resulting in continuous improvement of the rankings and the number of high traffic keywords.

Our strategies for for distributing and redistributing content on social networks and other media sharing websites also made it possible to boost traffic by increasing the engagement of diverse audiences, on different social networks.
link building case study


The graph above shows the gradual increase in the number of backlinks pointing to the client's site. You can see on the yellow curve that the number of backlinks from unique domains has increased from 200 to 1300.

Our SEO and Link building strategies have proven to be very effective since we have simply met Google's requirements to create contextual links on authority websites of the same niche.

Result of our SEO link Building Campaign

Here's an example of a result that we'll achieve for your business.

SEM Rush data shows that eight months after we started the SEO campaign, the site ranked on the first page for hundreds of competitive health fitness and diet related keywords. We targeted high competition search terms with the highest search volume in the customer's niche. See results below.

SEO Case study

As the graph shows, the majority of the ranking improvements were achieved during the first 4-6 months of the campaign followed by a consistant improvement in lasting over time and without negative impact related to Penguin update.

Here's the SEM Rush data curve that shows the ranking improvement of the website over one year period.

Ranking of the website decreased slightly in May due to content duplicated by competitors, which had caused some problems with the Panda algorithm but we resolved it quickly.After a year the website is ranking for more than 2000 keywords in the TOP 20, including 1200 in on the first page and 640 in the top 5 of search engin rankings.

Web traffic results website now gets 150,000 organic visits per month from Google and Bing. Organic traffic accounted for 60% of overall site traffic.

Result on Social Media website:

Improvement in website ranking also helped the client grow their followings on Social networking websites:

  • Likes on Facebook Page - 224,149
  • Twitter followers - 12,400
  • Instagram followers - 54000

Good engagement on Social media websites is important for boosting traffic and it provides Google with a high signal of trust, which has certainly helped the SEO campaign to evolve quickly and achieve good ranking.

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