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What is a backlink checker?

Backlink checker is a tool that allows you to check and analyze the quantity and quality of backlinks pointing to your website and that of your competitors. The backlink checker tool helps you create a robust link-building strategy to outrank your competitors on Google.

SEO is all about experimentation. You need to experiment with different content and backlink strategies, and accurately measure the success of those experiments, to find something that works. That's why you need a robust backlink checker and analysis tool to keep a track of the quality of your link profile.

Which is the best free backlink checker tool?

The Backlink Checker tool by the Social SEO Team is the best free backlink analysis tool available on the market today.  This free tool is known for its accuracy and reliability and is trusted by digital marketing from all over to world to keep track of their backlink profile.

This backlink checker tool has served over 220,000 users since 2015. They are still quite new compared to some of the largest in the industry, but among the free tools is one of the best.

Free backlink checker tool for small websites
The backlink checker tool is focused exclusively on backlink analysis. Its simple and easy-to-use interface means won't be distracted by irrelevant SEO functions. This free backlink checker tool allows you to track backlinks to your own domain as well as competitors' domains. There are plenty of filtering and analysis options to help you analyze the backlink quality, index status, and dofollow nofollow check, Trust Flow, Citation Flow, Domain and Page Authority, MozRank, Spam Score, and many more important link metrics.
The tool automatically highlights low-quality backlinks, making it easier to identify potentially malicious links at a glance and indicating whether your link builder is creating good quality or bad quality backlinks. Data is generated by using our state-of-the-art link database with 3 billion links. We use multiple data sources to give you a complete picture of your backlink profile.

With this free tool, you can easily extract backlink data like Anchor Text, IP Distribution, Social SEO Team Backlink Checker tool, Moz metrics, and more with an option to export in CSV format.
This free backlink checker tool is a champion when it comes to backlink quality analysis. We have been collecting data and providing link-building analytics solutions for over a decade.

Simplest Backlink checker tool

You don't always need a complex and comprehensive tool. What about those quick and occasional backlink checks on your competitors? You don't need to sign up for a paid tool for this. The Free Backlink checker and monitoring tool are capable of providing you with all the information you need. This product focuses solely on backlink data. Type any URL to verify domain backlinks.
This backlink checker tool provides important insights into the backlink data: A general overview of the backlinks (total backlinks, unique domains, indexed URLs, citation flow, trust flow, and class C IP) and then a detailed analysis of data of individual backlinks.
This backlink checker tool is completely free (although there are limits to the number of checks you can perform each week ).

History of Free backlink checker tool by Social SEO Team

The Social SEO Team Backlink Checker tool was created by our web developers in 2015, This free tool is another pretty new one that solely focuses on link tracking and analytics.  It also includes the ability to monitor competitor backlinks and disavows bad links directly from the dashboard. You can create a detailed backlink report to analyze links, anchor text, Citation Flow, and Trust Flow.

Backlink checker tool Although it is a generic SEO tool, it's very good at helping you analyze the performance of your link-building campaigns for free. Notably, the unnatural link detection feature stands out as a way to track and evaluate the quality of your backlinks. You can also use the "backlink checker tool" to check the backlinks of any site and compare the profile. It gives you all the basics like the number of referring domains and the number of unique links. It also tracks the link velocity over time.

 Spy on your competition with a free backlink checker

Social SEO Team's backlink checker tool stands out as a great competitive research tool that allows you to quickly assess whether a competing website has high-quality links. The tool gives you distinctive data points including Alexa Rank, number of Facebook shares, and number of external links from the page to help you gauge the quality of each backlink.

It's a good option to consider if you're looking for competitors or a portfolio of websites. Data Quality Social SEO Team Backlink Checker tool stands out here because they disclose details about their database, including exactly how many unique URLs were crawled and found.

The data includes a new index for the most up-to-date information and a historical index for information from the last five years. For SEOs with a long perspective, the historical index is useful if you want to see the effect of your work over a period of time.  

Find more link opportunities with a free backlink analysis tool

A free backlink analysis tool can help you keep track of your backlinks and look for new link-building opportunities. One thing that stands out with LinkAssistant is that it can help you link and manage backlinks. You can also use it to keep an eye on your link profile and find out dead links in time. This makes it easy to reach site owners when you want to replace a dead link or remove a link.

Get detailed analysis of backlinks with free tool

With the backlink checker, you can find information including your top linked pages, top link sites, and top anchor texts. Don't drill down a full list of backlinks or show something beyond top artists in each category,

But this free tool is a great starting point for SEO novices on a tight budget. After all, you're probably already using this tool to check other areas of your website.

 If your site is simple and you don't have a lot of backlinks to monitor, this tool might be all you need.

Get High quality data from backlink analysis

The Social SEO Team is very open about the quality of their data. They have the largest live backlink index, which includes 12 billion domains and 500 billion URLs, and update it every day. For the sheer amount of data, the free backlink checker tool by Social SEO Team is hard to beat.