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At Social SEO Team, we are a SEO agency specialized in strategic Affordable SEO services. We help small and large businesses boost website visibility. We work with the best SEO strategies to quickly place your website on first page of Search engines.

Complete Search Engine Marketing Solutions In Cost-Effective Pricing Plans


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The most important part of the complex SEO puzzle is Link Building. This is where we well and truly shine, we give Google exactly what it wants .We give it High quality backlinks with unique content related to your websites niche. This links are handmade and follow Google SEO and link building guidelines.


affordable local seo service


At Social SEO Team, we have the creativity and experience to improve the visibility of your brand through the innovative and viral content strategies to catch eyes on major social networks. We will also help you optimize your SMM campaigns, such as Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads to help you achieve all your KPIs.


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SEO copywriting is one of the most important elements of a SEO strategy, Google understands when a content is relevant to its audience. Good quality content and make or break a business. As an digital marketing agency we at Social SEO Team offer professional copywriting services.



At Social SEO Team we are experts in Website design. We design and build your webite to suit your business , with an unbeatable architecture and user friendly features. For your company to grow digitally , the first thing is to have an optimized website that becomes the mainstay of SEO or SEM strategies.



One of the main objectives of any online business, is to appear in the top of Google search. Google algorithm is evolving every day. So, are the SEO Strategies implement by our experts at Social SEO Team.
We are ready to work for you with our Affordable SEO services.


affordable content marketing


Content marketing refers to strategies of using content for a website, a blog, social networks, email marketing to bring new customers for a business. At Social SEO Team we create interesting and valuable content for your business to bring quality traffic to your website.


Best Affordable SEO Services For #1 Rank

Social SEO Team creates digital marketing strategies to bring qualified and targeted traffic for your website by increasing your visibility.

Our SEO experts support our clients to develop their online strategies so that they are at the forefront of search engines, and have a good social media presence. Social SEO Team offers a comprehensive approach to your SEO strategy and advice you on the best strategies to accelerate your business growth.

Our role as SEO Consultant goes beyond digital marketing consulting, our approach is focused on all around the performance of your online business to increase its visibility on the Internet in an affordable budget.

SEO: The most important marketing strategy

Search engine optimization has been an important, and central part of website development and online marketing since the invention of search engines in the late 90s when true e-commerce started to spread its roots. IT helped webmasters find potential prospects and customers without paying for online advertisements.

Work with the best affordable SEO company for your business

As we’ve already established, if you want your business to improve its online presence and position itself strongly in the market, then you need search engine optimization and search engine marketing services for your website. SEO involves International, national, and local search, and involves the interplay of complex strategies to achieve the results. Any digital marketing company that tells you that SEO services are simply the creation of backlinks (links to websites from other sites) is wrong and your site is likely to be penalized by search engines if you work with such companies.

The ranking of search engines is not cheap, since the time and resources involved are high. However, it shouldn’t cost you so much that it breaks the bank.

Search Engine optimization is time-consuming, very sensitive to algorithm changes, and professionals who know what they do, charge a fair market price for their services provided.

We at Social SEO Team offer affordable local, national, and international SEO services for businesses globally. We know exactly what it takes to classify your website and create maximum online exposure for your products or services.

Affordable SEO Services Which Actually Work

Professional Affordable SEO Solutions

Social SEO Team is made up of a team of search engine SEO experts who work round the clock (in shifts) to carry out the SEO projects for different clients from USA, EU, UK, Canada, Singapore, Australia, and many more countries in almost all business sectors. Social SEO Team specializes in affordable SEO is an e-commerce and outsourcing company located in Uttarakhand, India, and was born to meet the growing affordable SEO demands of small businesses and startups.

Premium Organic SEO strategies at affordable cost:

Social SEO Team uses internally developed processes and the latest SEO strategies to carry out SEO campaigns to achieve the highest ranking on organic search results on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Duckduckgo for the keywords which bring the most qualified traffic.

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Keyword research for seo

Optimum Keyword Research

Optimal keyword selection is critical to Search engine optimization, so we use the Keyword Efficiency Index and analyzing and finding the best keywords for your businesss

White Hat Affordable SEO Campaigns

"White hat SEO" refers to the use of ethical SEO strategies that are consideredacceptable by search engines. Social SEO Team uses only White hat SEO to build a reputation of your website .

Transparent Solutions and full reporting

At Social SEO Team we monitor the progress of all our SEO projects on behalf of our clients and keep you informed every month with very detailed reporting.

With Cost-effective SEO Strategies We Take Your Business To Next Level


We fullfil your dream of more visibility of your websites with quality traffic. As experts in SEO we can meet all your business goals and objectives professionally in shortest possible time.There are several elements that distinguish our white-hat affordable seo solutions from other agencies. They can be summarize in three fundamental features.


Obviously it is one of the biggest factors that define a good affordable seo strategy. white-hat Search engine optimization doesn't stand out especially at this point because it's not possible for them to get results in a short space of time, following the latest changes to Google and its algorithm.‎


Stable top ranking is very important for any business. that are reached once the campaign is finished. In this respect white-hat Search engine optimization as it is based on the creation of high backlinks, unlike other positioning services, will not be deleted, thus complying with Google's main guidelines.‎


This last element is decisive for choosing for a good affordable seo service. Search Engines have been penalizing websites using low quality SEO and link building strategies. To ensure that such a thing does not happen to your website, we use white-hat Search engine optimization service that does not jeopardize your website and your business.‎

Our SEO Experts Have Revolusionzed How SEO is Done Affordably

Our SEO Team has the highest level of SEO ranking expertise. They work smart to device best strategies to get your website on the first page of Google search results. We understand the importance of first page ranking for small businesses and startups. That’s why at Social SEO Team we use a combination of the latest on-site and off-site SEO strategies to produce the best results or your business.

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Service Guarantee

seo guarantee

Guarantee of exclusivity

We will not work for two websites that try to improve their search engine ranking for the same keywords or businesses working in same sector.‎

seo guarantee

Guarantee of confidentiality

All information to which we have access will always be between the two parties‎. We will never disclose any business information to third party without your persmission.

seo guarantee

‎Guarantee of improvement

If search engine ranking for any of the keywords is not improved with our services, we will continue to work completely free of charge. However, due to our decades of experiencing on digital marketing and SEO such a thing has never happened.

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