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About Free Keyword Rank Checker

What is keyword ranking?

A keyword ranking is a position at which a website appears on organic Search results for a particular  "search phrase or query".  Websites need to rank high on Google with keywords their potential buyers use to look for the product and services they're offering. That's why you must keep a track of the ranking of your website for important keywords.

How to check the Keyword ranking of the website on Google?

To check the Keyword rank on search engines you must use specific tools such as the Keyword rank checker by Social SEO Team. You can also manually search for keywords on Google, however, it is very time-consuming. With help of our website rank checker, you can verify the ranking for important queries with the click of a button.

Free Keyword rank checker tool for your website

Keyword rank checker returns excellent ranking analysis of the website of your website and churns out accurate results.
Ranking on search engines can be very volatile. Not always do the keywords end up with the top position in the SERP. That's why it is important to track the ranking of your site and respond according to the change in its Search engine rank. But when you start SEO, it is not easy to keep control over these keywords, especially since the tools are usually paid!

Rank tracking tool will help you check the health of your website.

The keyword ranking checker tool is a multifunctional application compatible with Chrome, Firefox, and all other browsers. This easy-to-use tool will give you grab important ranking data for your website.

To use this tool you just need to type the query of your choice, and your website URL, it will show you the exact ranking of your webpages for the query.  It's fast and efficient!!

Why use an SEO keyword rank checker for your website?

Our Website rank analyzer tool supports international SEO rankings as well as non-English websites from different countries.  You also get the search results for desktop (computer) or mobile versions of Google.

How does it work?

With this tool, you can check, every day, the keyword of your choice AND the version/language of Google you want. The tool automatically generates reliable SERPs that are perfectly "disconnected" from your browsing habits or browser configuration.

With this tool, you can check your rank every day with the query of your choice and the version/language of google you want. It automatically displays the accurate SERPs based on the parameters you put.


What are the genefits of free rank checker tool>?

  • Monitor ranking drops to modify SEO strategy

  • Monitor growing content to protect and consolidate it

  • Spy  on your competitors' performance for important keywords

  • Get fast and accurate results.


The website rank checker tool is one of the best software to track your Search engine positions on Google.

It is a reliable online platform that provides the function of a tracking tool for Search engine positions or keywords.

The tool collects data from Google and monitors the rankings of different domains, URLs, or subdomains for an update of keywords tracked daily.

This makes it one of the most relevant ranking tracking software tools in the market today.

The data helps you track the ranking of your website on mobile or desktop.

The website rank checker tool also helps you determine your actual competition in organic search. Just go to the competitor discovery tab to find all the domains that rank for each target keyword and sort according to their ranking.

The website rank checker tool is part of a complete SEO solution offered by the Social SEO team with all the features and tools to improve the overall performance of your website.

You can use it to discover the ads and keywords that competitors use in their search campaigns that are both paid and organic.

This software also offers a range of tools to help track SEO rankings.

You can add up to multiple competitors, compare their ranking for important keywords and measure the performance of your site on major search engines: Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.