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About XML Sitemap Generator

XML sitemaps are are best way inform the search engines on the existence of new content or of new updates to existing ones and get them indexed quickly.

Normally, Google crawls a website for new content every few days or weeks depending on the internal link structure of a website. Creating a sitemap gives Google the go-ahead to crawl updated content and new pages.  


Why are XML Sitemaps important?

XML sitemaps are important as they show search engine crawlers the internal structure of your website and the links to crawl. It's very important to have a site map if your website has the following content  types:

You urgently need an XML site map if:

  • Your website has Sophisticated multimedia content
  • Your internal pages Poorly linked content
  • You have a new site with very few external links
  • Your website has dynamic content

Sitemaps allow search engines quickly crawl all the new pages on our site, however, Google has made clear  that "adding a sitemap does not guarantee indexing those URLs." All this means that every owner of a website wants Google to easily track the most important pages and index the updated content.

Best free sitemap generator tool

Free online XML Sitemap Generator is an SEO tool with more cutting-edge features. It alow you to include an unlimited number of web pages to include in the sitemap.

This SEO tool is easy to use as it comes with the option to select which types of pages to include in the XML Sitemap. You can easily include or exclude different types of error or taxonomy pages, set the crawl priority and change the frequency for the different crawling depths and generate the last modified date.

Online XML sitemap generator for small and large websites
Online XML sitemap generator is a powerful SEO application created by the Social SEO team as a part of a wide range of tools for our SEO, With this tool, you can create a Sitemap for any website in a matter of seconds. The SEO tool provides a free version with a crawl limit of 500 pages.

XML Sitemaps are vital for SEO, but they are often misused and misinterpreted. If we want someone to find the most important pages of our website, the Online XML sitemap generator allows us to optionally include them or choose the default options. However, it is worth excluding any index, duplicate pages, and PDFs. It is also optional to include images or hreflang in our sitemap.

Free SEO tools by the Social SEO Team is a suite with a multitude of SEO tools to configure our SEO, down to the last detail. Now we are just going to know your SiteMap generator.

If you're running a WordPress website, the Free SEO tools by Social SEO Team will automatically create a sitemap for your website and send it to Google and Bing. The best thing about this free tool is that it's regularly updated to keep in terms with search engine guidelines for creating sitemaps.  

One of the most impressive features is the ability to create sub-sitemaps per category every 3,000 links. It is very convenient for websites that become very large, with a lot of content and links. Each sub-sitemap is linked to the main SiteMap which allows Google to easily access the entire directory.

Online XML sitemap generator provides the easiest way for webmasters to generate accurate SiteMaps based on programming, with the option to create them separated by pages, images, and even videos while being mobile-centric. It is easy to use and manage complex websites.

Social SEO Team's sitemap generator automatically generates an XML SiteMap for our website, uploads it to our server, informs Google crawlers of any changes, and sends us email notifications if there are any problems.

Online XML sitemap generator
The software can process an unlimited number of pages and websites and is 100% compatible with Google, Bing, Yahoo, and For advanced webmasters, there are free SEO tools like URL and HTML encoders that can provide additional value and utility.


XML sitemap generator by Social SEO Team is one of the most widely used online SiteMaps generators. It works perfectly for small and large websites. It can create multiple sitemaps, with videos, images, mobile versions, or versions, and also for news items.

XML sitemap generator by Social SEO Team is one of the fastest sitemap generators on the market today, it also provides support for different sitemaps with millions of URLs for our website. The SEO tool has a user-friendly interface and a multitude of useful features, such as analyzing duplicate URLs, dead or broken links, ping search engines your sitemap, and can be configured easily with cms like WordPress, drupal or Prestashop.

A free sitemap generator is a simple and unlimited web spyder best suited to most basic needs. The SEO tool not only supports the XML protocol, but also podcasts, RSS, text files, and images. This XML sitemap generator by Social SEO Team is fast and you will get it to create a large number of site maps in no time.

Create XML sitemaps for free

The website crawling depth and speed make the Online XML sitemap generator an intuitive and easy-to-use SEO tool to support the high speed when processing thousands of web pages, and even large websites with millions of URLs.

Get your website site map now!!