10 Tips For Successful Link building

Link building is an important factor in the success of your SEO campaign. However, you should follow the following basic rules when building backlinks in order to achieve the desired results.

Link Building tips to build High-quality Backlinks.

A good content strategy will entice other websites in your sector to contact you either for collaboration, or they will link to your website as a source of authority information for their visitors. It not only generates new relevant backlinks for your websites but also boosts your brand value. 

1. Target only highly relevant websites

Relevance is one of the most important components of link building. A professionally done link-building campaign tends to acquire backlinks from different but topic-relevant sources. Google rates the backlinks from diverse but topic-relevant sources highly. It shows Google that your website content is relevant and valuable to the users.

2. Use different variations of anchor text

If the majority of backlinks pointing to your website are tagged with the same Anchor text, it’s a sign of unnatural link building for search engines. Your website can be heavily penalized with a drop in ranking for following this practice. Instead use main keywords, related keywords, naked URLs, synonyms of main keywords, and keywords in the plural form to create a natural link profile for your website. 

Also, analyze your competitor’s backlinks to find the anchor texts for which they are ranking high on google. Add those keywords to the list of anchor text for link building. 

3. Number of backlinks 

When building links you must maintain a good balance of quality and quantity. If your website is very small, it doesn’t make sense for it to get thousands of links every month, and can hamper its ranking on Google. Instead, focus on creating authority links that attract links naturally. 

4. Get links for subpages

The homepage is usually the landing page of a website, thus the most important page for any link-building campaign. However, all backlinks pointing just to the homepage are not beneficial for SEO and in fact, look unnatural. That’s why you should also use the subpages of your website to build links. it not only helps with good ranking on search engines, as they are able to find the inner page of your website quickly, it helps users in quickly find the information they’re looking for and drives more traffic to your website. 

5. Prioritize links from the content area

The placement of a backlink on a page plays an important part in how much google values it. Links that are located in the footer or sidebar of a page are valued less than the links coming from the main content area. 

6. Don’t ignore no-follow backlinks

Having a link profile of 100% do-follow links makes for an unnatural link profile. On the internet large number of websites only allow no-follow links so it’s natural to have a good portion of no-follow backlinks pointing to your website. Also, a no-follow link from an authority website with high traffic is way more valuable than a do-follow link from a smaller website. That’s why you should focus on creating a link profile with a good balance between dofollow and nofollow links. 

7. Keep it Slow and steady

Every link-building campaign should be initiated with the goal of long-term results and ranking on search engines. Don’t expect a boost in ranking on Google in just a few days. It can take months to achieve noticeable success. Even after that, it’s a continuous process to maintain the google ranking gains you’ve achieved. However, don’t be disheartened. If you follow the google link building guidelines with the disciple, learn from mistakes, and create optimized campaigns, you will be rewarded with top ranking for your website. 

8. Get links from Indexed web pages

The location of a link in a website is very important. A link coming from a deep page without content is of not much value. Also if the page is hidden or has no index, then it won’t pass the link juice. That’s why you must acquire a link from a content-rich and prominent subpage or landing page of a website. 

9. Acquire links from the same language sites

The majority of backlinks in the link profile of your website should be from the web pages in the same language. Links from a different language website are valued less by google than the ones from the same language website. 

10. Don’t stop link building

Link building is a strategy that needs to be continuously implemented to achieve and maintain a high ranking on Google. One of the main reasons for keep acquiring new links is, most of the backlinks on your website are under the control of the developers of the publishing websites. They might drop one of many of your links anytime, or the links can become dead due to the content linking to your website being removed, or the whole publishing website ceasing to exist.  

Due to the above unforeseen circumstances, and also your competitors implementing their strategies to outrank your website you must stay ahead of everyone in the market and create a dedicated and long-term link-building strategy. This will maintain a strong link profile for your website and keep it ranking high on Google organic search listing. 

At  Social SEO Team we help you rank your website on Google with affordable link-building and SEO packages. If you have any questions related to link building or SEO do not hesitate to ask us. Our Experts will provide you with the best information. 

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