Link Building in 2022: The Definitive Guide for beginners and advanced marketers

In 2014, I wrote an article about my personal approach to link building. That article helped thousands of our readers build backlinks. It was and still is one of the most popular articles on our website with almost 500 comments. For the past four years, it’s ranking on Google’s top position for the keyword “Backlink Building” has been consistently on top.

A lot has changed since 2014.

Although many elements of the original strategy still work in 2022, the conditions to reach the top position on Google have clearly moved in another (better) direction. That’s why I decided to publish a revised version of my article on link building.

In this extensive guide, you’ll find all what you need to know to get your website on top position of Google Organic search results. It’s about 7000 words long, and my advice is that you study it piece by piece, thoroughly grasping every concept, and get back to it when working on the link building campaign on your website to make sure you are doing everything as instructed.

In the first part, I’ll clarify the important terms and show you how the theory works. In the second part, there are tips for practical implementations, which you can implement pretty easily.

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Part 1: Essential Elements Of Link Building and Off Page SEO

These are the basics to understand a lot of things that pertains to link building and they are the following; what a good backlink is, how many backlinks you need, what other factors such as on page optimization are, and what important role do they play. Even though backlinks are still one of the most important ranking factor, importance of the following on-page and off-page factors cannot be underestimated:

  • Content optimization
  • Domain age
  • Social Trust
  • Content Relevancy

Importance of Backlinks in SEO

These days it has become trendy among the amateurs to say that link building is dead. However, as the professionals rightly counter that only fools ignore link building. Many experts consider backlinks to be the second most important ranking factor on Google and Bing. How important backlinks really are, it’s hard to say. However, almost all experts agree that it’s among the top two ranking factors. Why is this so? It’s simple because Search engines still see backlinks as a vote for the reputation and authority of the website. And just like more “votes” leading to a win in an election, more backlinks lead to higher ranking.

Google’s goal is to show the searchers the best results to their searches, and when a website links to your website, it improves the quality and authority of the content on your website in the eyes of Google.

But keep in mind that not every backlink is equal. Some links are disproportionately better than others. There are also links that can even hurt your website ranking. We’ll go through the concept of bad links in the later part of this article.

Look at the following link building graph:

This graphic shows the average number of backlinks depending on the position in the search results.

The total average is 3400 backlinks:

Number of backlinks

These figures are based on the Searchmetrics Ranking Factors Study 2015, which you can download here.

To get back to what the experts say Backlinks are indeed very important, and the link building should not be ignored. However, Google can detect link manipulation and other unethical techniques, so one should be careful.

For example, you should not comment on blogs wildly using automated tools to get backlink, but rather, start the campaign skillfully and add something of value to the blog post to get a link form it, in order to have long-term success.

Now that we have clarified that in fact backlinks are a very important ranking factor, in the next 29 points I will explain to you everything you need to know to achieve the best results and long-term success.

What does the anchor text mean?

The anchor text is a corresponding text that a URL is linked with. For example, if I link the keyword digital marketing with a URL, it’s the anchor text. It usually informs the readers about the topic of the page they are going to visit by clicking on the link.

The anchor text profile is also an important factor in the backlink portfolio of any website. When linking to a website, you should pay attention to using the anchor text with variation. Since the Google penguin update, webmasters are being punished for using an unnatural anchor text profile. Previously webmasters would simply build up links by stuffing the anchor text with their targeted keywords. But, after penguin, it doesn’t work anymore.

A natural anchor text profile contains many different link text, for example:

Click here
Learn more about the topic
Resource site
Domain name
As per the study by search metrics, use of exact match keyword on 26% of links leads to ranking on top ten results of Google search.

How important is Google Page Rank?

Anyone who deals with the topic of link building have come across page rank. Page rank was once one of the important factors of search algorithm. Algorithms evaluated the relevance and authority of a web page using the value of incoming links on a scale from 0 to 10.

However, Google stopped updating page rank in 2015, and killed it in 2016. Nowadays SEO experts depend on Moz Domain authority, page authority, Majestic Trust Flow, and Citation flow to evaluate the authority of a website.

What is Domain Authority (DA)?

The Domain Authority (DA) is basically a score that reflects Google’s trust in your website. The DA was developed by Moz to predict how good a domain can rank on search results. DA score starts from 1 to 100. The higher the score the better chances the site has to rank high on SERP.

The DA algorithms uses many different metrics like number of backlinks, number of links from root domain, their MOZ rank and Moz trust etc. To calculate the DA score of a website. DA is a great metric to check the quality of backlinks pointing to your website.

What is Link Juice?

Link Juice corresponds to the power passed by a backlink to a website. The link can be internal or external. Higher link juice leads to better rankings. However, like DA and PA it doesn’t have a fixed unit. The strength of the Link Juice depends on the source from which it emanates. If the source has many good quality incoming links then outgoing link leads to better upward movement of the website in SERP.

The strength of a link is always determined by how many outgoing links are in the webpage. If the source has 20 outgoing links, each link gets 1/20 of the share. if the same source has 100 outgoing links, the strength passed on to the individual links remains only 1/100.

NoFollow links does not pass on any link juice. However, they’re still important for a diverse backlink profile. We’ll go through it in details in the later part of the article.

What is the difference between backlinks and referring domains?

This confuses lots of people however, it’s not that complicated. The number of referring domains is the number of individual websites that link to you. If you have links from 4 individual websites:

  • Domain 1
  • Domain 2
  • Domain 3
  • Domain 4

These individual websites linking to your website are called Referring domains.

However, in many cases more than one link could point to your website from a domain.

For example:

  • Domain 1: 4 links
  • Domain 2: 11 links
  • Domain 3: 2 links
  • Domain 4: 2 links

In this case, your website has 4 Referring domains, but 19 backlinks.

It’s very unusual when only one backlink comes from a large number of referring domains. You might think: If four domains with 19 backlinks point to my page, it is better than if four domains with only 4 links to my website.

But this is not quite true. Although there is a clear link between the number of backlinks and good position in search results, the quality of backlinks is of crucial importance. High number of referring domains leads to better link profile.

How do I recognize high-quality backlinks?

The following are the important criteria for identifying high quality backlinks:

  • High domain authority
  • Domain spam score
  • Thematic relevance
  • Link from reading area
  • Do-follow tag
  • Sites with good readership

A high-quality backlink is created naturally not because you pay or ask other webmasters to link to your website but because they want to make their readers aware of your content.

It sounds logical, but I should mention it again. Backlinks from spam pages are not the kind of links you should build. It’s very easy to recognize a spam web page. Usually it contains thin content, bad layout, and contains lots of links in the reading area of the comment section.

That’s why you should also pay attention to excessive number of outgoing links on a webpage. As we discussed earlier, pages with high number of outgoing links hardly pass any link juice.

With the last few algorithm updates, Google has made thematic relevance one of the most important ranking factor. Links coming from a website with the same theme/niche as your website are always given a higher score than non-thematic links.

Pay attention to thematic relevance

Google algorithms are getting better and better with each day and nowadays they can recognize quite well whether links are coming from thematically similar sites or not. Links from nonthematic sites add very little value to your link profile, and at times can be harmful.

Thus, make it a goal of your link building campaigns to acquire links from pages that deals with the same topic as your website and avoid getting links from any arbitrary page. By page I mean the ‘web page not the entire domain. This is because links are created primarily for normal internet users. There are thousands of websites on the internet that deals in a wide variety of topics and it’s not possible to cater to each topic on the home page. So, they create subsections in their website for different topics. Search engines understand that and will always look for thematic relevancy of the page to the backlink.

It also makes sense, if a visitor is one from a sports page, they expect to see links related to sports in that page not flowers or cats. For this reason, Google is focusing more and more on this criterion.

Difference between a link from the footer or from the content area

In the fall of 2016, Google filed a new patent for an algorithm to better identify the link position on a webpage. It’s about how visible a (outgoing) link is to the visitors. Usually links from the content are best visible. But, they can be placed within the text area at different positions. The higher a link is placed the more likely a visitor sees it. Another place where you can find a link is the sidebar. This position is better than a link in the footer.

What’s the best position for a link in a page?
A backlink from the upper third of the content is always stronger than the links from bottom or footer.

Nofollow and Dofollow.

Basically, a nofollow link, unlike a dofollow link, does not inherit any power. A link tagged as nofollow, unlike a link tagged as dofollow doesn’t pass any link juice. Website visitors don’t see any difference in the two types of links. These two tags tell search engines whether to give any value to the links or not.

But even if a link does not give power, it is not necessarily bad because a nofollow link from a trustworthy and high-quality page is a clear advantage in your backlink profile. Even if a Nofollow link doesn’t pass any link juice, it’s not necessarily bad as a nofollow link from a trustworthy and high-quality page still boost the authority of your backlink profile.

In addition, a good link profile should always contain a certain number of nofollow links for a natural link profile as not every website allows dofollow links. A website with at least 20% of nofollow backlinks is considered good.

Always focus on building high quality backlinks. If you find an opportunity to get a link from a high authority website, grab the opportunity without thinking about nofollow or dofollow links.

Links that also bring traffic

Good links are clicked and thereby also bring traffic. However, these links are somewhat more difficult to get. Anyone can put a profile link in a dead forum and this gives you a backlink but the probability that you’ll get visitors with this link is absolutely zero. It’s quite different when you get a link from a thematically similar website that links to you because you provide good informative content on the topic.

For example, if someone writes an article on mobile accessories and find your excellent article on the topic when researching, he’ll link to you and draw his readers attention to your site. Be sure that your article must be really good and it must build a good impression on the readers.

Your goal in backlink building should be to get exactly such links, because you not only get backlinks but also new visitors to your website. When checking if the link is good or bad for your website ask yourself whether the link also brings traffic. If you are positive, then take action to grab the opportunity.

Diverse link profile.

The diversification of link profile refers to making your backlink profile look natural. These are the important criteria to achieve this:

  • Diverse Anchor text
  • Diverse type of links
  • No/follow links

I’ve already mentioned the anchor text at the very beginning. Make sure to use different anchor text that is related to your niche not just the main keyword. Other than text links it’s also important to get image and media links from URL forwarding. Further, it’s also important to have a good number of no follow links along with dofollow links..

How many backlinks do you need?

If you encounter someone saying, “You need about x number of links or a maximum x number of links and you can be on the top position.” That is not sound and true advice. No one can tell how many links you need to get on top of search engines. How many backlinks you need is determined by different factors, and can never be calculated accurately.

  • In essence, the number depends on these factors:
  • How good is the competition performing on your targeted keyword.
  • How good are the backlinks pointing to your website.
  • How good is the content on your website, and also the on-page optimization is.
  • How many backlinks your competitors have.

Backlink building is a continuous process. This means that you can’t quit after creating few backlinks to your website. The best thing to do is to look for link opportunity for your website at least once every week or hire a professional link building expert to do this task for you so you can concentrate on other areas of your business that needs your attention.

15.What is the difference between white hat and black hat backlinks?

The SEO world is ideologically divided into two sides: The White-Hats, which adhere to the rules of Google and the Black-Hats who try to manipulate the algorithm.

In reality, there is no clear Black and White side as there are “gray” areas as well. It simply means that you build links and make other changes to improve the position of your website on search engines.

What are some useful tools for link building?

There are different tools out there and some of them I use myself and these tools can also help you with the backlink construction projects.

It’s important to know though that none of these tools actually build backlinks. These tools can make your work much easier but the main task of creating links is something you’ll have to do on your own.

Free Link building tools I can personally recommend.

  • Open Site Explorer :
  • Backlink Watch:
  • Majestic : Https:// (limited use)

  • Moz Pro : Moz Pro
  • Majestic SEO Tools:
  • Ahrefs :

Part 2: Essential Elements Of internal link building and on-page SEO

To rank high on search engine listings you shouldn’t forget the importance of a solid website. In fact, you need a solid, functional, and user-friendly website with rich content before you can do a backlink campaign. While backlinks are external factors (off page) your website is a dynamic asset that you can modify to influence it’s ranking on search engines by changing its content, layout, and structure.

When optimizing your website, you make changes and optimize your website to improve its ranking.

Most important on-page ranking factors for SEO:

  • Texts/content
  • Keyword density
  • Text formatting
  • Internal links
  • Meta tags
  • loading time etc.

Good onpage optimization alone can help your website rank pretty well on search engines.

The most important part of onpage optimization is the text content. It’s not enough just to write a 500-word article on a particular topic. You need to invest your time and energy in creating really good content. If you find it difficult to create content, I recommend you to go through my instructions on how to create good content.

The average length of the content on Google top ten is 2000 words. It has been confirmed by many SEO Experts and analytics companies like SearchMetrics that website with better content rank higher than websites with thin content.

Website content:

However, length of the content is not necessarily an indicator of its quality but usually length and quality correlate with each other. This is because a long article is generally much more detailed and provides much more insight on the topic. Try to write as long and detailed a content as possible.

Keyword density

There is a lot of talk about the keyword density, but at the end of the day it is exactly that: “just talks”. Write a good content on the topic you want to rank your website, and use the keyword appropriately. Don’t worry about the density of the keyword. Us it as much as you can if it helps with readability and flow of the content. Just keep in mind not to use the keyword to manipulate the ranking of the content. When you do that it can appear unnatural.

Don’t stress yourself with any formulas, but focus on the learning of your target group and the copywriting.

Don’t stress yourself with formulas or percentage for keyword usage but focus on your target audience and quality of the content. However, to make your content more readable and interesting you need to focus on formatting as well:

Content formatting

Formatting is basically everything that makes your content easier to read.

Use the following elements to improve the formatting:

  • Proper headlines
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Quotes
  • headlines
  • Slides

People have very short attention span and its your job as a content writer to keep the engaged.

Internal linking:

The internal linking is a very interesting part of the onpage optimization. An internal link does not really differ from an external, but is not linked to other websites, but to a bottom of your own website. The link to this article is, for example, an internal link. (The article is by the way also readable. :-))

Internal linking is one of the most interesting part of on-page optimization. Internal linking refers to linking one page of your website with the other page or multiple pages. A good internal link structure helps visitors navigate your website easily.

When you create internal links make sure to link the pages related to similar topics to each other. This way visitors will easily navigate your website and also they’ll get good backlink juice from each other.

Other on-page ranking factors.

The other important onpage ranking factors are “Title tag” and “Website loading time”.

Meta description and title:
Title tag is still one of the most important ranking factor as it tells Search engine what exactly the page content is about. The optimal title tag has no more than 60 characters and contain the keyword for which the webpage is to rank.

Since the Title tag informs the visitors about the topic of the website, make it so that it encourage the visitors to click and visit your website.

Website Speed
The shorter the charging time, the better.
The shorter the loading time, the better. If your website is based on WordPress I recommend the following plugins to improve the website speed.
– W3 super cache
– CSS and Java script minify plugins
– Image optimization and compression plugins.

Using plugins to minify the JavaScript and compress images can improve the website loading time drastically. Anyone surfing the internet is looking for quick problem solving. And most of the visitors don’t have the patience to wait for a website to load for more than 3 seconds.

You can test your loading time with Site speed tool from Google.

To find more information on how to optimize your website properly visit the detailed article I wrote few months back.

Part 3: Link Building Strategies You Need in 2022

The prerequisite of this part of the article is that you’ve completely read, understood and implemented everything I told you in the first part.

Even the best backlinks won’t lead to high ranking of your website if you build a website with bad layout, code, and content. So if you’ve completely understood the first part of the article, I’d like to introduce you to the new possibilities. How to get backlinks for improvement in the ranking of your website:

Create High Quality Content

A helpful way of thinking when creating content is that the content must be so good in the end that you would link it to another site.
You must always create content by putting yourself in the point of view of your website visitors. This could be elaborate and exhausting, not question. On article such as this one I often sit several days to be able to present something that is really readable. But the effort is worth it, because creation of an article takes “just” a few days. But, it can benefit your website for years to come. Good content therefore is the “best asset” for your website.

Since content is not only essential for Google onpage algorithm, but also for backlink building and, last but not least for communicating with the website visitors, I’ve dedicated an article wholly to it.

Write high quality content as guest writer on authority blogs and websites

This method is neither unknown nor overly difficult to implement, and it works very well. Using guest posts you’ll not only get new backlinks, but also expand your target audience. With guest articles you can appear on small websites, blogs, or large website. The only prerequisite is that you are serious, have an authentic good looking website and can provide valuable content.

To build your portfolio you must first create good content on your own website, and promote them across different platforms and also contact other bloggers with your content. To be accepted by other blogs to guest post on their site you must create good, exclusive and ingenious content.

Guest posts not only help you get valuable backlink, but also build your personal portfolio as an authority figure. Guest posts are therefore an excellent way to grow your business.

In the past, we’ve given small bloggers opportunity to guest post on social SEO Team. From this experience I can say that guest articles are most likely to be accepted when they prepare a difficult or complex subject in unique way. For example present or explain things in creative way and solving problems no one or very few people are dealing with.

Tip: For the first contact you don’t have to finish the article. It’s enough to send an email in which you should briefly and concisely present your concept. As with the link exchange, you should also use a standard template for the email. Be unique in some way, as if you want to publish an article that could be published in any other site, you’ll not succeed.

You have to show clearly what value you offer to the website and its visitors. Go through the website thoroughly to make sure whether the site has published an article on the topic in the past. If you find an old article, check with the webmaster if they’re looking for a new updated version of an article. Focus on content quality should be your main goal.

Submit your website to Niche Web and business directories:

It takes a little time to get backlinks for your content. No matter how good your content is, you won’t get links to it overnight. While you promote your content and wait for other website owners to link to your website you can put your website in good quality niche business and web directories.

Web directories are lists of different quality levels, in which you can enter your website.
You can find thousands of web directories, however you should submit your website only to the high quality ones. Here is the list of top 100 web directories. Some web directories require you to link back to them. These web directories should be avoided as Google has come heavily on reciprocal linking and it can harm your website.

It’s best to get backlinks from web directories dealing with the topic of your website. Some web directories charges you to submit your website, it doesn’t mean that they are better than the free ones. I suggest you to first submit your website to handful of high quality free web directories. Here are top 10 web directories:

  1. – launched in 1995, it has a PR of 8.
  2. – launched in 1999, it has a PR of 8.
  3. – launched in 1998, it has a PR of 8.
  4. – launched in 1998, it has a PR of 7.
  5. – launched in 1996, it has a PR of 6.
  6. – launched in 1999, it has a PR of 4.
  7. – launched in 1996, it has a PR of 4.
  8. – launched in 1997, it has a PR of 3.
  9. – launched in 1998, it has a PR of 3.
  10. – launched in 1998, it has a PR of 3.

Distribute your content in Social media

Social media profiles are not too elaborate, but require regular care.

This is how you put your website link in the social profiles:

  • Links of Facebook …
  • Link on Facebook:
  • Link on Google plus:
  • Link on Twitter:

If you’re not a follower yet, you still have chance to catch up and learn faster.

Even if these links are almost always Nofollow, they ensure good mix in your backlink profile, and these days are one of the most important part of any link building campaign.

Post informative comments on blogs related to your business

Blog comment are one of the most used backlink building method, and almost everyone knows about them. Just like with any other method, this method also involves doing it the right or wrong way. With right approach you can not only build links but also come out as an authority on the topic, and make valuable contact with other webmasters.

The wrong way is to scrape and spam blogs with generic comments just to get a backlink from the blog.

Commenting on the blogs correctly usually takes just few minutes. First you should read the article and grasp the topic, and think of something that adds value to the content of the article. Then you write a commentary describing your opinion, and experience, or add a supplement to the subject. With this method you not only gain link but also gain new knowledge on the topic.

Tip: If you answer questions from previous comments, this is a good way to attract a positive response. The best way to attract positive is to answer and reply to the messages you get in response to your comments.

Also check whether the blog assigns a nofollow or dofollow link. Many logs try to protect themselves from spam by marketing the comments by default as nofollow. So, for best results look for blogs that offer dofollow links in comments.

Engage in natural Link Exchange

Link Exchange is one of the ways to get backlinks for your website. With link exchange, two webmasters exchange links. It’s ideally a win-win situation. However, before putting your foot forward

Think well, with whom you want to exchange links and with whom not, because this method is only limited use. For every link you get, you have to link to another page.

Tips for Link Exchange: Only exchange links with websites that are thematically relevant to your website, and get link form a different website to avoid reciprocal linking.

For example, If Blog X links to your Website Y, you should avoid getting a link from Blog X, but ask the website to give you link from a different website on same niche.
For link exchange you must contact the webmaster with proper explanation how adding your website link on their website can add value to it.

We’ll discuss the topic of sending a link exchange request in the next article.

Something that is often not considered and discussed in advance is the position of the link. Do not leave with a footer link. A positioning in the sidebar is still okay, but it is better if your link appears in an extra rewritten text in the content area.

Something that’s often not considered and discussed in advance is the position of the links. Avoid getting links from footer. Ask the blog owner for link in the main content area of the page. As I mentioned before, a link from Footer doesn’t give same value as a link from the content area. You can either choose your keyword or your website name as the anchor text. However, we advise you to use your website name as the anchor text as it looks more natural.

Backlink through YouTube and video marketing

YouTube has become the second largest website in the world. More than a billion users watch over 450 hours of videos uploaded every hour. Nevertheless, very few businesses use YouTube as a marketing channel. Using YouTube you can achieve 4 goals with very little effort.

  1. Greater reach
  2. Backlink from video description and channel page.
  3. Thematic video that you can embed on your website to improve visitor experience.
  4. The video as a passive source of income.

I’ve tried this method myself and found it to be very effective attracting high quality links.I just needed 30 minutes to create it. So I broadened my reach, added a thematic backlink from YouTube and a video that I can embed on my niche site, and finally earned 106.77 euros in 6 months (meanwhile, it is much more).

I just needed an hour to create the video. It broadened my reach, got a good quality links, and also earned few hundred dollars in 7 months. I also got links from many other website who embed the video.

There are many ways you can create a video for your website.

  • Create a informative video log on the topic.
  • Use animation to impart information. There are many easy to use animation softwares available.
  • Hire someone to create a video for you from freelancer sites.

Steal links form your competitors

Look at the backlink profile of the first 10 results. For that you can use the tools, which I have presented to you before.

Analyze the link profile of your competitors and make a list of their backlinks. Go through all the links. Collecting their backlinks doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to use all the sites. You have to go through the links thoroughly, and find a link opportunity. For example, if you find a forum link, sign up to the forum and try to post something informative to get a link.

You can also check the sites to see if any of them accept a guest post, and send an email to the webmasters. Also sign up to the quality web directories, and other sites, your competitors are listed on, or comments on the blogs.

Use your expertise in Question and answer discussion portals

A good way to get backlinks and new visitors are question portals like or Yahoo Answers.

Question and answer portals are good way to get backlinks for your website. Two of the most popular platforms are Quora and Yahoo Answers. Everyday thousands of questions are asked on these sites on wide range of topics, and it’s very likely that there are open questions on the niche of your website or business.

You just need to create an account, and start answering the questions. Write detailed and helpful answers, not just one or two sentences. Be active for few months and build good reputation before you start to put your website link. Usually if you post your link just after creating an account, your answer can get deleted for spam.

Broken Link Building method

With broken Link building you search for broken links, for example webpages that return 404 Error. Then contact the webmasters, and ask them if they’d link to replace the broken link with the informative content you’ve created. If your content is good and on the topic, it’ll be accepted by most of the webmasters as an informative content is far better than a broken link for the authority of a website. This way you’ll get high quality backlink from authority website .

FAQ – Frequently asked questions about link building in 2022

Here you can find my answers to frequently asked questions about the topic of backlink building. If you have a question, you can send me a message or post a comment.

Do you try get several links in a forum or only one?

Answer: Only one.

Do you create several accounts in forums to get backlinks?

Answer: No. One account per forum is enough.

How much content / how many subsets should your own website already have to start with the links building?

Answer: There is no minimum number. For my part, I start with the backlink building, if the site has an imprint, if there is a contact option and an about-us page and if I have published at least 3 articles, including one with my main keyword.

How many backlinks should you create per day? Should one put backlinks at all every day, or will Google perhaps be suspicious?

Answer: In my experience there is no fixed number, or I just don’t know about it. I can only tell you how I do it. When I start building backlinks I don’t put more than 10 links a day. Sometimes, however, you get a lot more backlinks from the ten you created because yours start appearing in different sections of a blog. Like sidebar, latest comment section, etc, and its not bad. As long as you create links manually, I see no problem at all. The bigger and older your page, the more natural it looks with huge number of backlinks every day.

Further, Google doesn’t crawl and index all backlinks in one day, so there’s no need to stick with a particular number of links each day.

How do I create good content for link building in 2022?

Extensive research is the key to creating good content. Read articles on the topic. Try find information with different point of views to understand the topic. Before starting the writing process you must create a plan, and consider the audience and the motive of the content. You can use Google trends to find out what’s trending in your niche, and write about it. if done properly it can actually bring lots of traffic to your website quickly.

I’ve created backlinks using many different platforms like, blogs, forums, articles, and web directories. Why don’t I see all the backlinks in Google search console?

Answer: Google search console is a reporting tool. If your backlinks doesn’t appear in the report, it doesn’t mean they are not indexed by Google. Google search console is known to take several days to weeks to show the newly indexed links. I’d suggest you to wait for few weeks. If you want to know if your backlink is indexed in Google, just copy the URL and paste it in Google search box. If it shows up in the search results, it means it’s been indexed.

How do you recognize whether a backlink is a dofollow or a nofollow backlink?

Answer: I use the browser plugin SEO-Quake , which shows me this information at each link.

Done – you did it!

Is there anything still unclear and you have questions?

Then just write me a comment, I will answer every question.

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