Off-page seo (Search engine optimization) for small businesses

One of Social SEO Team’s goal is to help your small business gain popularity by implementing it’s offering of off-page Search Engine optimization.

In this process, we look at what your competitors and other websites are doing and focus on how the information gathered can then be used to increase your own traffic. Off-page optimization is a component of search engine optimization that refers to the factors that affect your site’s traffic or page listing in natural search results which is not controlled by you or how your website is coded. Off-page optimization examples include factors like link popularity and page rank. One approach that truly helps you optimize your off-page rankings is link building. Many people may be saying that link-building is dead especially now that Google has implemented changes in their engines but this is quite far from the truth. In the following, we will explain why this is not the case.

Backlinks are still important

Links in the search engine optimization aspect are referrals that help others go to your website. These can be used in other aspects of SEO like in your social media marketing campaigns. To truly have a successful off-page optimization campaign how your links “look” will greatly influence the end result. Link structure should be clean and organic. It should not leave the impression that it is a spam or click bait link as often people will tend to ignore it. Always avoid link spamming! This is the deliberate act of leaving your links everywhere hoping that people will randomly click it. Link spamming now can severely damage your website’s reputation.

In search engine optimization there are different types of links we use to help boost your website’s reputation. Not all links are the same and not all links act the same way.

There are essentially three types of links: Internal links, External links, and Back links. Internal links are the links of the different pages of the website that helps you navigate within.

Meanwhile, external links are the links pointing to other websites (outside your own). Back links are the links from the other websites pointing to YOUR site.

We must make sure that all these links are in good, working, and proper order as websites are evaluated by search engines based on the active links they have and the backlinks they receive.

Authority sites or those websites that have high ranking are the best places to leave your backlinks. Their popularity (link juice) gets “inherited” by your website

Make sure that all your internal links are working and always have a link for the main pages of the website. So that your visitors, especially the first-timers, will have a seamless browsing experience. The internal links also helps emphasize the importance of your linked page.

Link building will be the backbone of your website. It should be done strategically and all criteria for a great link building campaign should be taken into account. Gone are the days of mindlessly spamming your backlinks to as many sites that you can. Today, search engines are getting smarter in detecting what is the content of your website and whether you deserve to be featured in the top ranks or not. This is where research and analysis of the competition comes into play.

Why bother with all this?

Google’s page rank system assigns a number to every website based on how it performs. The ranking Google gives is based on 0-10. A rank of zero means your website is new and you are not pulling any authority at all. The highest rank of 10 means you lead in that category. Very few websites have a rank of 10. In order for you to have a high page rank, backlink is important. It greatly boosts your page’s criteria. The higher the ranking of the website you link your page to, the better results you can get.

This is just one of the many reasons why investing in quality SEO work and backlink building is a must for any website’s growing business. With the billions of competition out there, you need to make sure you are seen and heard in the world wide web.

Best Off-Page SEO and Backlink building service for your website

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Last Updated on February 24, 2021 by Social SEO Team

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