SEO Guide: Best SEO Strategies for Chiropractors

SEO guide and strategies for Chiropractors

Are you a chiropractor looking to attract more patients to your clinic? You’re in the right place. We will help you with SEO tips, and strategies to accelerate your business growth through SEO and Link building? To know if your business is already visible on Google, do a quick Google search with phrases “chiropractic care near me” or “best chiropractors + city where you are located.”
If your business or website appears on the first page, you are losing clients to your competitors.

Statistics don’t lie

There are about 70,000 chiropractors in the US, and 2,000 new ones get their license every year and join the workforce. So, the competition for clients is fiercer than ever.

As more competing chiropractors open their offices and join the race to attract more clients, making sure your business stands out can make the difference between sustainable growth and just getting by. Fortunately, you can rely on chiropractic SEO strategies that you can use to beat your competition and stay ahead of them in long term.

Best SEO strategies for Chiropractors to Get new Patients

These SEO strategies will help you increase your organic search, stay one step ahead of your competitors, and convert website visits into chiropractic appointments.

The first step of professional keyword research is to focus on the services you offer. For example, people with ailments related to chiropractic procedures generally search for terms like “spinal decompression,” “neck pain treatment,” and “chiropractic adjustment.” The phrases related to the chiropractic services you offer will help you create a list of seed keywords. We will use these keywords to find the better ones.

Google Keyword planner is an industry-standard tool for keyword research and it’s free. Your Google AdWords account will give you access to the Google Keyword Planner. With this tool, you can find out the number of people searching for each keyword. It also suggests other related keywords that might not be on your list and by analyzing the traffic and competition data you can narrow down your list accordingly. To learn about keyword research and analysis in detail, checkout out our keyword research guide.

Optimize your online portfolio for the keywords

Once you’ve identified the keywords you want to focus on, you need to optimize your website with them (on-page SEO), your Google My Business page (Local SEO), and create well-optimized link-building campaigns (Off-page SEO).

Website optimization (On-page SEO) for Chiropractic website

When optimizing your website give utmost focus to the main pages of the website like the Home page, and the Services page. However, you also need to optimize your content pages, such as FAQs, and regularly update the blog with new interesting and informative posts on Chiropractic treatments.

Optimization of Chiropractic Service Pages

Each of your core services should have its own service page with informative content on the service and its benefits with a call to action. Make sure the content is engaging and nudge the readers to book an appointment.

Optimization of Chiropractic clinic home page

The homepage is often the first page visited by your potential customers. Its optimization is very important to give the best first impression.

Title Tag optimization

One of the most important elements on the homepage is the title tag. Create an appealing title tag to generate a click. (the ideal length is 50 to 65 characters).

Meta Description optimization

The meta description, on the other hand, should be between 100 and 150 characters. Your meta description should provide a clear overview of the services you offer and should end with a call to action.

Content heading optimization:

The content headings should be short, descriptive, and concise. They should clearly highlight the gist of the content.

Page Copy:

Another important element is the page copy, which contains a detailed description of your practice. Your page copy should be between five hundred and one thousand words. Make the content as interactive as possible. Provide in-depth details on your business and experience and credentials.

The more engaging, informative, and inspiring your content, the more likely your content is to rank high in search engines. Also, if you provide content that your visitors find beneficial, the more they will trust your practice and see you as a trusted source for quality chiropractic care.

All important pages should have a strong call to action.

Google My Business optimization (local SEO)

Google My Business page act as a “mini-website” that will provide your potential customers with a short summary of your Chiropractic practice. It has become one of the most important sources of attracting local customers to your clinic. Make sure your Google my business listing is optimized properly to set you apart from the local chiropractic businesses competing with you.

The task of link building can be overwhelming. Getting high-quality backlinks takes time and effort, but the reward is worth every moment. Don’t forget that quality is more important than quantity, so always take the time to acquire high-quality backlinks instead of getting lots of easy low-quality links. As a general rule, if the backlink is really easy to obtain, it’s probably not worth it.

When it comes to link building for chiropractic businesses, there are a few factors to consider when assessing a link opportunity. Focusing on the following factors when building links makes sure that your business get the best result and highest ranking.

  • Links from a site in the chiropractic field
  • Links that are relevant to the chiropractic industry.
  • Links that will drive chiropractic traffic to your website, will put you in front of your target audience or potential customers.
  • Links that develop your chiropractic clinic’s reputation, i.e. chiropractic associations, well-known magazines, sites, or other resources in the chiropractic industry, etc.

Link building is a crucial part of chiropractic SEO and often makes a difference by getting your chiropractic business site to the top positions, which leads and customers for your business. Link building can be overwhelming, that’s what at times is best left to professionals. At the Social SEO Team, we offer high-quality link-building services to chiropractors and chiropractic clinics. We have kept our link-building services very affordable without any compromise on the quality. Check out our Chiropractic SEO link-building pricing plans.

SEO optimization analysis and maintenance

Once on-page, Off-page, and local SEO optimization is completed, it is important to analyze the progress to know if there is something in your strategy that needs adjustments.

Three most important metrics of SEO analysis:

  • Traffic – The best way to gauge the effectiveness of any SEO campaign for Chiropractic practice is to measure the increase in Search engine traffic. Google Analytics is the best tool for website traffic analysis. With it can view the general traffic reports, and see which of your pages generate the most traffic, and the behavior of the visitors to gauge which pages are performing the best. Check the reports regularly to find patterns or trends and modify your strategy to get more appointments.
  • Conversions – Conversion for a Chiropractors usually mean either signing up for a procedure, if you have an online checkout system, or booking an appointment for a consultation or clinic visit. There is many conversion metrics service provider. However, Google Analytics can also be put to the task. It can track phone and web conversions. It also allows you to analyze the pages that have the highest and lowest conversion rates.
  • Search engine Ranking: Ranking on Google is the most quantifiable metrics to gauge the success of SEO for the Chiropractic website. To check how high a specific page is ranked, you can use the Google Search Console tool. It is free like Google analytics and easy to implement on any website.

    You can also use more versatile tools, some of them paid, to perform a deeper analysis of your website’s SEO performance, and get a better understanding of your rankings.

Conclusion :

Chiropractic SEO involves some experimentation, so feel free to modify your strategy when necessary. While there is no shortage of powerful SEO strategies that you can use to attract customers, the techniques above should get your efforts off to a great start.

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