SEO infographic : 8 Steps to A Successful SEO Campaign

Create a successful SEO strategy with these steps as described in the infographic

Before starting a SEO project for your business website you need to plan every step in advance. In this SEO infographic, we bring to you 8 important steps for a successful SEO campaign in 2022. These steps, as described in the infographic, will help you create and implement winning SEO strategy.

Conduct thorough keyword research

Finding right keywords associated with the brand, services offered and the company’s core business is a fundamental part of a successful SEO strategy.

Conduct competition research

Competition research is essential to find out if there is competition in your field, who they are is & which SEO strategies they’re using to get customers. Outrank them and acheive success.

Optimize for On-page SEO

Optimize your website as a whole but also in its individuality, without neglecting the optimization of each individual internal pages. Also perform technical optimization of website.

Optimize website content

Create fun, informative and original content which makes the reader spend more time on your page and see other pages of the site. Website usability and bounce rate are importnat ranking factors.

Optimize structured data (schema markup)

Adding structured data (schema markup) to your content helps google with understanding the archicture of your website and rank the pages properly based on the content type.

Build quality backlinks

Backlinks are essential to high ranking on google and you must create high quality link building strategies to earn authority backlinks to your website.

Social media marketing

Don’t ignore it. Social media can disseminate your website and product quite rapidly creating a buzz and generating backlinks, which can boost your website SEO ranking. Social media marketing plays an important rold in any digital marketing campaigns.

In conclusion, creating a well-defined, step by step SEO strategy can help you achieve results way above your expectations and help you establish your business and compete with bigger player both offline and on the internet.

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