Importance of white hat link building for growth of your business

Any backlink pointing to your website can potentially bring new customers. That is the reason a good link building strategy is an essential part of the marketing mix of any business trying to succeed in the competitive online world.

Backlinks improve your website performance in many ways. First, if you have a link on a website A ( with relevant information about your website, then visitors in that website will be exposed to your business and visit your website for more information about your product and service.

Secondly, and this is what backlinks more important, is that Search Engines like Google,and yahoo, see these links and use them to determine the authority of your website and list your website according in their organic search listing. Websites with backlinks pointing to them always rank higher in Search Engines than websites with no backlinks.

In SEO, backlinks are bit like votes, when Search Engines like Google see a link pointing to your website, it tells them that the owner of the other website found your website interesting and trustworthy thats why he put the link to your website on their webpage.

Link Building : How to get high quality backlinks

Before moving forward lets remember the purpose of and link building campaign

  • They are used in SEO to improve your positioning via anchor text.
  • Backlinks send visitors to your website from another website.
  • Search engines used them to judge the authority of your website. Thus, they are used to improve your websites positioning on SERP.
  • Some facts on Search Engines you might not be aware of :
  • Internet users who are looking for something don’t go further than 8th or 10th result.
  • 85% of the users don’t click on paid advertised links.
  • 65%of them click on the links in search engine organic results.
  • The web page on the top position scores a conversion rate of 30% or more.
  • Backlinks decide the difference in the ranking of the website.
  • Backlinks along with social signals are the best way to optimize your website because links and social signals are like a vote. If you have 5 backlinks and 5 social signals you have 10 votes from different platforms and for search engines your website is more popular and authoritative by 10 votes against the websites with no links pointing to them.

Backlink Building – Quantitative Vs qualitative approach

In the initial days of search engines, quantitative approach to link building was preferred by SEOs. Now, search engines has become smart in detecting spam, and google recently released a new update to their algorithm called Google Penguin, it was released specially to detect and punish websites using spam link building and SEO techniques. These days majority of SEO experts like to delve more into qualitative SEO methods.

  • Elements that determine authority fo a backlink
  • Presence of the link on high quality website.
  • Presence on sites related to similar content and theme to the target website.
  • Location on the page..
  • Encoding of the links on the page.
  • They way link is created – anchor text and keywords used.
  • These factors must be taken into account when setting up a link building campaign to ensure success.

Backlink building campaigns by Social SEO Team

Carrying out a link building campaign involves establishing partnership between websites and getting other webmasters to share your link on their websites. To do this, preparation is essential. It go through phases of tracking and analysis of quality website (high popularity and contextual themes. Further, we also create backlinks on contextual directories, article syndication sites, press release syndication websites, using high quality content, and promote and market your website on social networks to create an authority link and social portfolio for our clients websites.

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